A Guide to 100 VG E-Juice in Canada

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E-juice with a base consisting of 100% vegetable glycerin, VG in short, is a relatively new option. It is the best choice if you are a seasoned or new vaper who does not appreciate a powerful throat hit or is sensitive to propylene glycol, or PG. Some also feel that 100 VG e-juice in Canada is more natural than an e-juice that also contains PG. 

Additionally, 100% VG e-juice is the ideal option for you to fully enjoy your vaping experience if you prefer e-liquid that has a thick consistency and creates impressive vapor clouds. It is important to consider that you may need to use modern vaping equipment for 100 VG e-juice in Canada because of the thicker consistency of high-VG e-juice, which can sometimes cause issues for older vaping devices.

What Is 100% VG E-Juice?

The base of 100 VG e juice Canada contains 100% vegetable glycerin. Flavors and other ingredients like nicotine or CBD are added to this VG base. VG gives the vape juice its thick consistency, smooth hit, and cloud-producing qualities. This kind of 100 VG e-liquid in Canada has a 100:0 VG to PG ratio, meaning that PG is not present at all. Because of its consistency and appeal to people who are sensitive to PG and use advanced vaping kits, 100% VG e-juice is an increasingly popular option.

Vegetable glycerin is a natural liquid that resembles syrup and is eco-friendly, colorless, odorless, and extracted from vegetable oils. When vaping a 100 VG e-liquid in Canada, the increased level of thick vapor generation and the addition of a subtle sweetness to the flavor are both due to the concentration of VG.

Furthermore, 100 VG e-juice in Canada offers an exciting slate of new options for vapers of all experience levels and can be another important tool in quitting smoking. 100 VG e-liquid in Canada is also naturally sweet without any additives.

Benefits of 100 VG E-Juice Over PG

Vapers can gain some huge benefits when comparing 100% VG e-juice to any PG ratio.

路      When vaping, 100 VG e-juice enables a faster rate of inhalation than e-juice with a predominantly PG base.

路      100 VG e-juice in Canada creates a smoother throat hit and greater vapor production, while a higher PG base creates a stronger throat hit and less vapor production.

路      The sole option for vapers who wish to compete in cloud competitions is 100% VG e-juice. With predominantly PG e-juice of any ratio, this is not possible.

路      E-liquids with greater VG ratios demonstrate the next step in the growth of vaping while providing a good expansion of options.

路      The only treatment for PG allergy issues is 100 VG e-liquid in Canada.

Retailers of 100 VG E-Juice in Canada

You can buy 100 VG e-juice in Canada from several excellent retailers. Here are a couple of the most well-known options.

路      ePuffer: A pioneering firm in the vaping market, ePuffer is a global leader. They have numerous branches and are based in Toronto, Canada. ePuffer offers low prices and large quantities of 100 VG e-liquid in Canada.

路      Jean Cloud Vape: This Canadian online retailer sells e-liquids as well as other vaping supplies at affordable costs. It is another store that is popular for purchasing 100 VG e-liquid in Canada.

Concluding Thoughts on 100 VG E-Juice in Canada

Unarguably, 100 VG e-juice in Canada comes with all the benefits you could ask for in a 100% VG e-juice. It will always give you a memorable and enjoyable vaping experience.

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