Steps To Use Admission Management Software Effectively

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Managing the process of accepting new students is simplified with the help of an online admission management system. It allows admissions officers to digitally record student enquiries, verify their eligibility, follow up with them, gather necessary papers, and process their applications. Online applications, application progress checks, document uploads, and fee payments are all possible with the admissions management system.

The admissions process is time-consuming and laborious. There is a mountain of paperwork involved in every step of the admissions process, from finding potential students to vetting them, selecting them, and finally admitting them. Applicant and self-service application portals are examples of digital solutions for admissions management that streamline the procedure for prospective students.

Steps To Use Admission Management Software Effectively

Following steps can be adopted by various instiututions to use admission software effectively:

  • Gather Questions From Several Student Sources

The days of relying solely on word-of-mouth and classic advertising to bring in customers are long gone. Now more than ever, prospects can be attracted to a business via any number of online and offline methods, including social media, websites, traditional advertising, channel partners, and publisher integrations. When a system isn’t well-oiled, enquiries aren’t answered promptly. However, with the aid of an admissions system, you could collect 100% of leads while allowing for zero leaks.

  • Monitor the Application Process

An admissions application usually has numerous elements. Many students discontinue the application procedure. Therefore, make the web application easy to use. Filling out the form, paying, and monitoring the applicant’s status should all be online. Remote document scanning is possible. Students can resume the application process whenever they choose. Standardising admissions improves problem-solving success. Applicants can view their application’s processing time.

  • Reconstruct the Path Taken By Student

Most people wrongly believe that the educational process begins when a student enrols at your school. The first step, however, is the admissions inquiry. Helping the applicant out from the get-go is a great way to demonstrate your care and can be done quickly and easily through strategic touchpoints.

A student admissions system records all institution-applicant interactions. Admissions officers can view an applicant’s application status, withdrawals, and online activities (such as opened emails, visited links, tickets created, questions asked, and questions answered). This will help guidance counsellors understand the applicant’s background and give individualised care.

  • Having a Counselor and Student-Facing Approach

The enrolling process is simplified for both students and guidance counsellors with the help of an effective student management system. Paperless applicant portals simplify the admissions process for students, as a more user-friendly application form leads to more submissions.

  • Mechanicise The Picking Procedure

A centralised admissions management system promotes communication. Coordination across departments utilising a shared framework helps map and optimise students’ admissions trajectories (from initial interest to application, counselling, enrollment, and beyond). Once a student takes action, the admissions system notifies advisors. Additionally, distribution rules can be customised. If you have multiple campuses, you can partition help requests by advisor’s location.

  • Focus On Immediate Action

When you get a flood of questions from students, who do you contact first? Scores are given to applicants in a dynamic admission management system depending on their engagement with the application process. Eligibility can be a factor as well. Students who have achieved an 80th percentile or higher in their school should be contacted first. So, your counsellors can prioritise questions based on the score.


India has 200 million students and graduates, 36.6 million YOY. Its higher education sector is third worldwide. So many students want college entrance. Student inquiries are overwhelming admissions teams. Irregular follow-ups and missed queries have increased the necessity for digital admissions. Student admission management software automate and streamline admission processes. It provides transparency for students and administrators.


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