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The most prominent investment company, Battery ventures, has spearheaded a total investment of more than 150 million on two cloud software platforms that handle billing management and the automation of financial issues such as revenue recognition analytics and payments for SaaS companies. The fund focused on technology has invested in Chargify and SaaSOptics with a total number of customers of 2,000 and manages 10 billion dollars in annual recurring revenue from clients.

These companies provide to famous brands worldwide to facilitate their subscription-based and financial billing processes. The acquisition by Battery is aimed at accelerating forward growth for both entities and providing them with the cash to encourage new investment in their core products. The Battery has a long-standing experience in fintech investments for businesses in the growth phase and includes companies that sell cloud-based applications to CFOs and corporate entities. This includes names such as Intacct (now inside Sage), Avalara,

AuditBoard, Coupa, Soldo, and many more. SaaS revenue management and subscription management solutions are experiencing rapid growth, especially in light of the move toward subscription-based software applications.

Recent trends in growth also highlight the importance of streamlining the financial operations of SaaS CFOs Based on a general Partnership at Battery Ventures,

Chelsea Stoner, It is a beautiful encounter to work with these companies because they have developed robust businesses within their respective sectors. It’s a testimony to the need for a better solution to billing and revenue for all companies that use software, primarily through new cloud models based on usage. Stoner stated how exciting investing in cutting-edge solutions allows for more efficient business management for every software company.

SaaSOptics is located within Atlanta, Ga, and is a top B2B platform for managing subscriptions that specializes in automating financial operations for SaaS companies by taking care of the order-to-revenue mechanism and revenue recognition. They also handle billing, payments, analytics, and metrics for subscriptions. Chargify is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and is the market leader in subscription management and billing in the same space. They also manage payment collection, data management, and event-based billing.

The CEO of SaaSOptics, Tim McCormick, SaaSOptics is delighted to collaborate with Battery Ventures while remaining committed to providing solutions to complete financial functions that allow for more efficient subscription-based commerce. McCormick also said that Battery has tremendous success and experience in tying together top cloud-based companies specializing in financial management. However, there is an opportunity to transform the market for subscription management. McCormick stated that the plan revolves around a vast platform for financial functions in different segments, including B2B and B2C, independent of fixed pricing, billing structure or event-based arrangements, and many more.

The CEO of Chargify, Paul Lynch, said the following: Battery has a long history of collaborating with the top companies in the SaaS market and is aware of the potential of the subscription management area. He also said that various industries are already moving to a subscription-based model and examining the structure based on usage and events. He added that their innovative solutions allow companies to increase and maximize what they refer to as the value of their customers.

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